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bone Apetit

I chose to name this section bone Apetit due to my furever friends love of my treats.

Making dog bones began when my dog Dexter was just a puppy and began loping to the freezer every time I opened and would sit waiting patiently for me to hand him a handmade treat. Dexter loves his treats. I purchased these cute little alphabet stamps from an Amazon vendor to be able to stamp his name and my grand-pups names in the treats I make. I do not always have the time to do this. And it isn't like Dexter, Lola, Lincoln or now Peyton know their names. It is definitely more for me than them and makes the tasty morsel cute to boot.

This batch of bones are Apricot Pineapple and did not last long. I love to play around with different flavors for them but also ensuring they aren't always the same giving them different nutrients their bodies need. I have wondered why dogs have not had better treats before now. I really didn't think about it much until I did the Whole30 myself. Whole30 definitely changed the way I look at food for me and my pets.

On the left is Dexter a labrador mix and on the right is my puppy Peyton the black and white husky shepherd mix. This is them waiting for me to give them fresh from the oven dog treats. Look at those faces. They are anticipating the flavors or maybe not, as fast as they eat them I don't know how they have time to taste them.

Peyton is now almost 8 months old and is a great dane wanna be. She has really shot past Dexter rather quickly in her growth spurt and now towers over him. They love each other though and play and sleep together. Dexter always makes sure Peyton eats before he digs into his food. Their personalities are so different and so fun to watch.

Dexter ever so sweetly, has always just been so gentle, while taking treats from my fingers. My daughters dog Lola, lunges for them almost taking my fingers with her, my son and daughter-in-loves dog Lincoln, has to investigate it first and Peyton is slowly becoming less energetic and a little more controlled. Peyton will be gentle but fast. As soon as that treat reaches their mouths off they go running for their prospective corners so the other won't steal their tasty treat from them.

Lola salivating at the prospect of the treats as they cool. They hate waiting for them to cool and do not understand why they

must wait. Lola is a black mouth cur and a is as loveable as they come and very territorial. Peyton is all over her the minute she sees Lola and cannot give enough kisses. Poor Lola tries to look away from Peyton as Peyton proceeds to give her kisses all over her face. Lola just wants to see Grammie, but can't get to Grammie because Peyton blocks her. I think Lola might remind Peyton of her Sire or Dam.

Lincoln is considering what he might do with the treat and the other dogs who tower over him. Lincoln is a shih tzu maltese mix and is so fun. He is a bit of an alpha male that likes to herd and supervise. He loves the swimming pool, and playing ball, like a toddler loves to drop the ball in the water and excitedly waits in anticipation, for you to retrieve it for him so he can repeat the process. It has definitely started a game that I started when he was a pup while giving him a bath to keep him occupied. He would walk around the tub and push the ball with his nose while I bathes him, then when he would get out of the tub, he would be quick to drop the ball back into the water. Watching it plop and focusing his eyes on that little orange round thing floating on the water.

These are my grand-pups and I love to reward them with tasty treats and send them home with some for their parents to give to them.

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