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Whole30 changed the way I look at food. Prior to my first round I had noticed I was unable to eat many foods without them making me feel bloated, gassy, miserable. It was about Day 28 that I began to feel amazing and experienced what is known as "Tiger's Blood". I can tell you this experience left me wondering why it took so long to take the plunge.

There are many great habits I have picked up since completing my first Whole30 round. One being when grocery shopping, I continue to purchase staples as if on a round and have already converted my recipes over to compliant Whole30 ingredients. So, when I cook, it is always Whole30 style.

I no longer eat the grains, dairy and sugar that cause me to have gastric distress. Identifying these specific items has helped me to acknowledge my sensitivities, and steer clear of them, unless I chose, to partake in it. This is about walking into "Food Freedom". Acknowledging what foods cause your symptoms and deciding when or if it is worth the symptoms you get to eat them. Join me in this walk for life, if for nothing else but to feel better. 

What an Elimination Diet Can Do For You

Digestive Wellness

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Awareness of Food Sensitivities & Allergies


Food Freedom

Helping You Get Healthy From the Inside Out 

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