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Whole30 Rules

You might be wondering what exactly are the rules of this elimination process called Whole30. Well I will explain a little about what the elimination process looks like.

For thirty days, you are unable to consume any added sugar which includes artificial and natural, alcohol, grains, legumes except peas and beans, dairy, no carrageenan and no sulfites.

“You said what?”

Yep, those are the rules along with not measuring or weighing yourself in those thirty days. The rules also recommend no re-creation of baked goods and or junk foods, even with compliant ingredients.

Now you might think, what was Dallas and Melissa thinking when they concocted such an extreme plan. Reading "It Starts with Food" by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig (Urban) is helpful to understanding the rationale and scientific reasons their process.

It has been shown many times throughout the years, where people feel better than they ever have before, when no longer eating or drinking certain foods or drinking certain fluids. It is time for you to see the results. It can be a little tough when not able to say drink socially with friends and family. However, to get the full benefits it is important to know exactly what might be the cause to what has lead you here to begin with. Alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar, carrageenan, sulfite and legumes can cause inflammation, digestive symptoms, pain, increased blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. Walk with me into food freedom for life.

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