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Sweet & Sour Sauce

20 oz can crushed pineapple in 100% juice

6 oz can tomato paste

3/4 cup chicken bone broth

1/2 red onion chopped fine

6 medjool dates pit removed and chopped

3 T coconut aminos

1 T. coconut oil

3 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp minced ginger

1/2 tsp salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

Step 1: In a medium saucepan place coconut oil and onion. Sauté for about 5 minutes until translucent.

Step 2: Add garlic, seasonings, broth, pineapple, tomato paste, coconut aminos and cook for about 10 minutes on medium high heat.

Step 3: Remove from heat and place in food processor or blender. You can also use an emersion blender if that is all you have. Blend until smooth and of good thick texture. You might need to use more broth to thin it out.

Step 4: Line a 12 original size muffin tin with silicone cupcake holders. Place 1/4 cup into each muffin holder and cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight.

Step 5: With remainder place in a pint ball or mason jar and refrigerate no longer than a week.

Step 6: Remove the muffin tin in the morning and place each individual serving of sweet and sour sauce in a gallon size freezer bag then place back in freezer for later use. This reduces waste.

or to dip hotdogs in. I like to add cilantro as well. Enjoy!

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