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Mirepoix, Suppengrun, or Sofrito anyone?

The flavor packed punch in cooking!

by Sandra Jo Nosek MSN RN

Mirepoix pronounced (mirh-pwah) is the essence of most dishes. It supplies depth and flavor. The French version of mirepoix consists of carrots, onion, and celery sauteed in fat of choice, low and slow. The German version named suppengrun, has carrot, celeriac, and leeks. The name for mirepoix in New Orleans Cajun cooking is the holy trinity, and uses equal parts of onion, green bell peppers, and celery. In Latin American cooking sofrito or also spelled sofrito has a holy Trinity of spices and herbs or aromatics, cumin, garlic, and cilantro typically. In Italian cooking, like the French version, but has tomato’s, bell pepper, and garlic and only sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. Sofrito has the addition of spices and herbs where Mirepoix does not.

If you have never cooked using mirepoix and you have noticed when dining out or at another person’s home and you just cannot get that flavor when you are cooking at home; it is likely due to them using mirepoix. Their secret is out.

From breakfast hash to roast potatoes and carrots to beef stew. Mirepoix delivers the most flavor packed punch you need to satisfy the worst critics palate.

Mirepoix is sauteed for an extended period on low heat, (low and slow) without browning it yet creating the caramelization of the vegetables. The ratio is two parts onion to one part carrot and one part celery. 2:1:1. If adding red bell pepper or mushrooms they would be one part each.

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